terça-feira, agosto 18, 2009

Jazzsteppa - Som de louco!

Sugestão do amigo Nicolas. Se quiser seguí-lo no twitter, acesse www.twitter.com/macacobatata

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quarta-feira, agosto 05, 2009

Comunicado do Adam Yauch

Como a maioria já deve saber, o Beastie Boys adiou o lançamento de seu novo disco e seus shows pois o MCA, vulgo Adam Yauch, está com um câncer na garganta. O músico disse na época que seu caso é altamente curável e que iria passar por uma cirurgia simples e depois por radioterapia.

Nesta quarta, o músico mandou um comunicado em seu mailling falando sobre sua recuperção pós-cirurgia. E é esse texto que segue abaixo. Está em inglês... E vamos torcer pela recuperação dele!

hey all,

hope you are doing well.

so i'm about a week and a half out of surgery now and rapidly recovering from it. i haven't taken any of the pain meds, which supposedly speeds along the healing process, or should i say, taking them slows it down. anyway, i spent 1 night at the hospital after the surgery. the hospital was too crazy to get any rest so i headed home to relax, have home cooked food and hang out with the family.

i'm pretty well detoxed from the anesthesia that they pumped me up with to keep me under for all that time. that took several days to get out of my system. my neck and jaw are still pretty stiff from the surgery, but it gets better everyday. had the stitches out this past monday... so things are moving along.

but no sooner am i on the mend from this first torture than are they lining up the next one. the next line of treatment will be radiation. that involves blasting you with some kind of beam for a few minutes a day, 5 days a week, for about 7 weeks. that will start in a few weeks...

saw the jay-z cover of no sleep, and the coldplay one of fight for your right from APW on youtube. good shit. and i heard karen o wore a "get well MCA" armband, and that q-tip gave a shout out too..... very kind of them.

just wanted to thank them and everyone else who sent positive thoughts my way. i do think that all of the well wishes have contributed to the fact that my treatment and recovery are going well.

much love back at all of you!